A new approach to wellness

With the advancement in genetics research and the completion of the Genome research project in 2005, there ae mounting studies being conducted and association being made as to the relevance of the genetic varients to causation of disease. These varients which once were thought to be rare occurances have the ability to make and use different nutrients that re critical for Circulatory, Immune system and even Emotional Health. Our genes can either become our protector and partners for wellness , or target practice for pollutants and toxins in producing illness and disease.

Why do these varients occur?

Genes are passed from one parent to a child-one copy from the mother and one copy from the father, Each gene- snipe contains a set of genetic instruction. Sometimes we are born with or inherit a faulty gene or a mutation. Mutations can be a result of exposure to chemicals such as heavy metals/ pesticides, infections, GMO foods , stressful lifestyle and emotional stress that can damage the expression of a particular gene. These mutations may cause an enzyme to improperly function or reduced its capacity to function. Mutation have the capabilities to interfere with critical roles such as our metabolism , developmental stages in children, and detoxification pathways which can be affect the overall health of the individual.

What is methylation?

Methylation is a metabolic process of a transfer of a methyl group onto an amino acid, protein, enyzymes and DNA in every cell and tissue of the body to regulate healing, cell energy , genetic expressio of DNA , neurological function , liver detoxification and Immunity. the methylation process is responsive to the environmental conditions and degrades with age. A process associalted with a large variety of age -related disorders.

The methylation cycle turns out is involved in many regulatory process and genetic defects can be particularlly damaging . The good news is that we now have ways to test these defects and bypass thsese metobolic defects with specific targeted nutrition and restore normal function to the body.

Proper methylation is imperitive to many process within the body. When methylation cannot be carried out properly, important functions cannot happen within the body.

Functions include:

  • Thinking
  • Building and repair DNA
  • Turning genes function on and off
  • Detoxification
  • Supplying our body with critical nutrients
  • Digestive

The methyaltion pathway is in involved in much critical process's within the body. Inefficient function can rasult in a wide range of conditions:

Cardiovascular Disease



Chronic Infections




Learning disorders



Chronic Fatigue

Parkinson Disease


Multiple Sclerosis


Hashimoto's /Low thyroid

Allergies or Multi Chemical Sensitivities

Your intial visit may take between 1-2 hours, depending on your history and clinical finds. A very individualized supplement program will be determined to fit your specific genetics and enviromental factors.

Progress is generally quick in certain symptoms such as focus, depression, memory and fatigue. The goal of the nutrition program is to repair cellular damage, balance nutrient deficiencies , assist cellular detoxification, for proper immune system and repair neurological damage.

Follow-up visits are required to re-evaluate your nutrition program and adjust for any necessary changes in your nutrition schedule.

Many of us have spent a life-time of exposure to toxic enviroment of heavy metals/pesticides, have poor detoxification pathways are unable to absorb certain nutrients, live as stressful lifestyle, and are exposed to GMO foods etc...

Remember it takes time for your body to detoxify, heal and repair

"Health is a series of small steps that take you to a differnt place,it is a journey"