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Your Genes are Not Your Destiny

We want to let you in on a little secret: Your genes are not your destiny! Are you concerned that your parent's health determines your health? That does not have to be the case! Join Dr Roxanne Schmidt for this free class, and understand how you can fain control over your health and outrun your genetic predispositions.

Upcoming Classes: September 13

Empower Your Health

Are you searching for a healthy lifestyle for you and your family? Every decision you make will move you in the direction towards wellness or sickness. Join us for this informative life-changing free class. Space is limited. Please call the office to RSVP.

Upcoming Classes: September 5

A Healthy Child Starts With a Healthy You

Learn the natural approach to preparing to conceive a radiant, healthy baby. We live in a time when more children are dealing with health challenges such as sensory issues, autism, ADHD, and auto-immune diseases and more couples are experiencing difficulties with fertility due to overwhleming environemental and health stressors. Understand how to prepare your body to support the health and vitality of your growing family.

Upcoming Classes: September 29

Thyroid: Present Day Triggers & Integrated Solutions

Our Thyroid Health affects so much of our everyday lives. When out of bablnce we can experience all types of debilitating symptoms such as chronic fatigue, hair loss, infertility, weight gain, sleep loss, hormone imbalances and more. Join us for a free class to discuss life-changing solutions. Space is Limited. Please RSVP.


"Is it ADHD or Thyroid trouble?"

Understanding this connection is Crucial. Learn more at this free class. Limited Seating. Please call the office to RSVP.

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