January 2018 -

New Years Health Resolution - January 6th 10-11am

Tips for keeping healthy living resolutions

True Cellular Detox - January 20th 10-11:30am

Weight loss, fatigue, brain fog recovery

Empowering you Health - January 24nd 6-7pm

Doctor's Report - Discover what chiropractic can do for your family

February 2018 -

True Cellular Detox - Thursday Feb. 8th 6-7pm

Thyroid: Modern Triggers & Natural solutions

Empower Your Health - Wednesday Feb. 21st 6-7pm

Doctors Report - Discover what Chiropractic can do for you and your family

Optimize Your Genetics - Saturday Feb. 24th 10-11:30am

Understanding how your DNA impacts your health

March 2018 -

Movie Night! - "GMO's Revealed" Episode 1 of 9

Thursday March 3rd 6-8pm

Movie Night! - "GMO's Revealed" Episode 2 of 9

Thursday March 16th 6-8 pm

Thyroid: Present day triggers & Integrated Solutions - March 15th 6-7pm -

Learn how the Thyroid affects our everyday lives and life changing solutions to restore balance and vitality to your life. Space is limited. Please call the office to RSVP

"How Well Do You Wear Your Genes?" - March 29th 6-7:30

Understanding how our DNA impacts our health. Learn how to help your genes work for you and not against you. Limited seating. Please call the office to RSVP.